Saturday, September 09, 2006

ELER Mention

One of the on-line comic strips I like to read is Everybody Loves Eric Raymond. I got a mention there the other day, as "Famous security dude Blue Boar (Ryan Russell)". (Yes, I'll accept that description :) ).

The comic that day, "Bruce Schneier Facts" is also quite hilarious, as is the database that goes with it.

He has a "Knuth is my homeboy" t-shirt, which I purchased. I happen to be wearing it as I type this. It's just a funny shirt all-around, but you would't enjoy it on as many levels as I do, flavin.

One reason is that my main character from the "Stealing the Network" series uses "Knuth" as a handle, mostly to piss off the other hackers. (Which worked pretty well on Fyodor.) Another reason is because the picture used was taken by Jake Appelbaum, whom I have met a number of times.

So I wore the shirt to Black Hat one of the days, and had Johnny Long take a picture of me in it with Darci and Jaime.


David said...

Dear famous security dude,

Something you apparently said,
was the trigger that caused someone
to create some kind of "crypto club".

Is it too late to stop the insanity?

Ryan Russell said...

Interesting, I didn't even remember having written that. Cool, I hope you get somewhere with it. Let me know if I can play!

David said...

Yes, please come play with us.

kittygoespotty said...
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