Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ruth's Chris Steak House

It was my birthday the other day (37. Thanks for asking.) I wasn't really into a party or cake or presents or anything, so my wife took me to dinner. We went to Ruth's Chris Steak House. The food and service were both excellent! It's just a little expensive, though. It actually ended up being a bit more expensive than we even thought it was going to be, because our waitress misquoted the price on one of the specials about $40 too low. It wasn't a big deal, and the correct price wasn't really out of line with the rest of the items. So, two of us, I had the American kobe beef special and the Australian lobster tail special, wife had a filet, we had 3 sides, and cheesecake for dessert (dessert was free, because of the birthday.)

The total was $192 before tip and valet. I wouldn't have spent quite that much on purpose, but man that was good.

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