Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tweaking content (administrivia)

I have a tendency to write full essays, and only when I'm aroused enough to spend the time, and then only when I can afford the time at that moment. I've also avoided more personal and trivial stuff, because the blog is part of the Security Blogger's Network and because most of you read this because of security-related things.

Well, those are problems that have an easy technical solution. I've created a security-only feed. If you only want the security-related stuff (things I tag "security"), then change your subscription to this feed.

If you want all the other crap I decide to come up with, continue to use the full feed.

I titled the blog "ryanlrussell", I planned to have it be an egofest from the beginning, I just got sidetracked. So what have I been holding back on? Attempts at short fiction, things about my kids, other technology stuff, more things I want to keep a pointer to, and so on. You know that thing that thing that bloggers do that people complain about where they just point to some article and have a short comment without a lot of insight and value add? I'm going to do more of that.

There will be a tsunami of content. Relatively speaking. Prepare for boarding.

I'm going to go tweak old posts, which I'm sure will cause old articles to hit your readers again. Apologies in advance. Should be mostly a one-time thing.

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