Thursday, February 08, 2007


Alright, I admit this has nothing to do with my usual blogging topics. Maybe because I snapped it while leaving the hall at RSA to head to the security bloggers party?


Hey, at least that's not quite as bad as ninjas killing your family.

I paid the gentleman a dollar for the privilege of taking his photo. I found him on 4th street between Howard and Mission, around 6pm. I have no idea what his usual working hours are, or how often he rotates his signs.


nightfox said...

security bloggers party? pretty interesting.. there was a blogparteeh recently in our country but i was not able to attend to it. i wonder if there's a security group in there too..

Ryan Russell said...

You're in the Philippines? I was going to have you check out princess of Antiquity ( ) but I see you've already found her blog and commented there.

There's talk of another security bloggers meetup, but we're almost all in the US, so they end up being here. I don't think anyone would object to you organizing the same thing in your part of the world, though.