Saturday, October 21, 2006

RSS Feed

I suspect that no one has as of this writing, but if you've subscribed to my blog with the default Blogger Atom feed, I would appreciate if you switch to my Feedburner one. You can see it in the upper-right if you're reading this in a browser, or use this link: .

This is so I can keep track of you if you read this via RSS. I've also added a Site Meter counter. I'm pretty new to Blogger. If I screwed up something, please let me know.


Ryan Russell said...

Posting myself a comment, testing something.

Dude said...

So you wanna track us? very scary ;-)
so I take it that you dont recommend atom eh?

i'll subscribe to your feedburner one at 12:32 am est, lemme know if it does what it's supposed ta'


Ryan Russell said...

There's nothing wrong with the atom feed. In fact, the feedburner feed uses it as its feed. It's just that Blogger (near as I can tell) tells me nothing about how many people are using their feed. If at some point I have subscribers reading via RSS, I'd like to have a rough idea how many.

I don't know if I'm thrilled with feedburner yet. it's not terribly live. I probably won't see you register until tomorrow.

The Site Meter tracker I added on the other hand is awesome. Though, I don't see you on that, either... unless you visited much earlier in the day.